CONSTANT FLO - Four track EP 
Release Date: 4th November 2015

Constant Flo is a collection of four instrumental ‘Wiggle’ compositions that were created almost four years ago and have developed and evolved since.  The tracks are moody instrumentals, that incorporate a mish-mash of beats and bass-lines, spacey ambient electric guitar, dubby keyboard and synthesizer harmony and melodies. Other instruments such as Bamboo whistle, melodica and didgeridoo also feature in the Constant Flo collection . All the sounds are weaved together with dub sensibilities incorporating breakdowns, build ups and drops, flowing like an ebbing tide bringing the listener on a sonic journey.   

The four tracks were developed differently to the traditional Wiggle compositional process.  On their previous release ‘Brighten The World’, the composition took part mostly on outboard equipment. Using drum machines and sequencers to create the foundation of the music on which the Wiggle improvisation took place.  In this new body of work the creative process evolved entirely in the studio, using an array of instruments and equipment and many different sources of sound , both digital and analogue, culminating in a more diverse sound.  Although Wiggle toyed with the idea of adding vocals to the tracks, the decision was made to leave them as instrumentals. There are other versions of the tracks including one from vocal artist Ras'Tinny, these versions are for now still unreleased. 

Wiggle - November 2015